Day #7 Fertility Diet Challenge [Sunday Menu]

DAY #7:

Morning:Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Snack: Take any snack of your choice

Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes plus cabbage and tomato salsa (2 tomatoes, 1 onions, small pepper and 2 tbs olive oil)

Snack: Any nuts of your choice

Lunch: 2 pieces of moin-moin and grilled fish

Snack: handful of nuts or raisin

Dinner: Love smoothie


Love Smoothie Recipe: 

2 medium beets

4 carrots

4 stalks celery

1 apple

1000 mg fertility Arginine



Cut all ingredients in bit sizes; blend until smooth and add 1000 mg of GN fertility boosting Arginine into the smoothie.

Drink chilled or serve as you like.

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Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert Nnaji is a Medical Doctor, Fertility Therapist (UK) and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Over the Past 7 Years He Has Been Rendering Help to Couples with Fertility Problems to Become Pregnant Naturally without IVF or Surgery.

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