Day #6 Fertility Diet Challenge [Saturday Menu]

DAY #6:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 moi moin with grilled fish or porridge beans with unripe plantain

Lunch: 3 medium sized grilled sweet potatoes plus vegetable and chicken stir fry

Snack: A handful of nuts or raisins

Dinner: Green smoothie 


Green smoothie recipe:

1 medium celery 

1 medium cucumber

1 handful of spinach

1 apple

A little slice of pineapple to taste

1000 mg GN fertility boosting Maca


How to/Direction: 

Chop up the vegetables in bit sizes and blend together with the apple until it become smooth and add 1000 mg of fertility Maca to the smoothie and take as you it as you like.

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Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert Nnaji is a Medical Doctor, Fertility Therapist (UK) and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Over the Past 7 Years He Has Been Rendering Help to Couples with Fertility Problems to Become Pregnant Naturally without IVF or Surgery.

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