Day #2 Fertility Diet Challenge (Tuesday Menu)

DAY #2

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs white plus chicken breast in vegetables, fried with 1/2 TBSP of olive oil

Snack: Any fruits of your choice

Lunch: Wheat flour plus vegetable or okra soup

Snack: Fruits of your choice 

Dinner: Pineapple, papaya smoothie


Pineapple Papaya Smoothie Recipe:

– 1 cup of water

– 2 cups papaya  (chopped)

– 1 cup pineapple (chopped)

– 3 dates pitted or 1 tbs honey

– 1000 mg GN Arginine superfood (important)


How to/Direction:

Blend all ingredients until smooth, then add 2 capsules of fertility boosting GN Arginine supplements in the smoothie.

Don’t miss adding the vital ingredients to boost your fertility.

Any question, feel free to drop it in the comments…


Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert Nnaji is a Medical Doctor, Fertility Therapist (UK) and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Over the Past 7 Years He Has Been Rendering Help to Couples with Fertility Problems to Become Pregnant Naturally without IVF or Surgery.

18 thoughts to “Day #2 Fertility Diet Challenge (Tuesday Menu)”

  1. Doctor pls is it normal,I saw my menstruation on d 8th of Febuary and I nw saw it again on d 3rd of March.

    1. Hello Adelaja, it depends the length of your cycle, see next cycle for changes otherwise its very likely hormonal imbalance

  2. Doctor is it right to see my menses on the 4th of February and it ends on the 5th of February,and uptil I have not seen it again.

  3. Doctor pls which drug can I take for hormonal I’m balance, my menses are irregular n bpresently on a 25 days circle n it’s been for almost a year now.

  4. Hello Doctor!
    My own case is like this: I saw my last period on 19th of January. 2019. My period supposed to cm either 2nd WK of Feb. After d main dat it supposed to cm out it just gave me sign in my lower abdomen and after that d sign disappeared . Just last 2wks ago someone gave me a powered drug said I should put it in a hot water and drink and taken in d morning at nt I started having astrong sign in my lower abdomen as if to say d thing will cm out and my were paining me for this is one of sign I used to have wen d thing is abt to cm out, but uptilI now I haven’t seen it. I went to see a gyno on Monday, and she sent me to a test and d test haven’t cm out. I don’t know d cause yet. I’m up to 45yrs. Don’t met any man. I did a test last yr by June in which they saw starph, typhoid was also 160 then I took lots of injections then and I having bn treating them since then. But even as dat it has bn coming thou scanty. It happened once last yr on August but later came out at d day of 35 which they is d longest period. But this one is passing 35 days. Pls Doc help me! Again, where can we be finding all these foods and supplements to eat. Tnx for ur consideration.

  5. Pls Doc I forgot to tell u that my breasts r no more paining me now since yesterday. Pls Doc. am I still going to see my period. Pls help.

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