Day #1 Fertility Diet Challenge [Monday Menu]

DAY #1:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes (nutrient-rich) plus cabbage and carrot stir fry 

Snack: Your choice, any fruits with some nut

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad or fish/skinless chicken pepper soup

Snack: A handful of nuts or raisins

Dinner: Banana, apple; Maca


Banana Apple smoothie Recipe:

2 banana

1 apple

1 bunch of parsley (optional)

1000 mg of GN fertility boosting maca


What you need to prepare smoothies:

  1. A blender
  2. A grater
  3. Glass jars/jug with a cover 
  4. A kitchen knife
  5. A chopping board


How to/Direction:

Get a blender and a jug; put and blend all ingredients until it becomes smooth; then pour in 2 capsules of GN fertility Maca in the smoothie; chill it in a refrigerator or take as you like whether chilled or not.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to drop it in the comments below…

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert Nnaji is a Medical Doctor, Fertility Therapist (UK) and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Over the Past 7 Years He Has Been Rendering Help to Couples with Fertility Problems to Become Pregnant Naturally without IVF or Surgery.

26 thoughts to “Day #1 Fertility Diet Challenge [Monday Menu]”

      1. Dear Rachy, the GN Maca is a superfood/supplement for boosting fertility and will be re-launched in 3 days.
        please look forward to Day #4 Menu and how to get it!

  1. My problems is I have misscanrge since june but till now i don’t see my period what Will I do please

    1. Hello Nkemdili, some things could be responsible like toxins and hormones imbalance. You need to do Detox and then boost your fertility hormones

  2. My circle is some month 28, 29, 30, even 31 and my period is scanty and lasted only 2days to 3 and am trying to get pregnant, please help me out, what shld i do?

  3. Good evening I haven’t seen my period in over 6 years and I was told that FSL and prolactine is high. What do I do

  4. Gud evening sir,so happy joining u.sir I have been battling with hormonal imbalance for 11yrs now since ma first son.Am 35, am 70kg do I still need to work on ma wth .

  5. Hi Dr Gilbert,

    Please I have a problem with my period. I’m not seeing my period for 2years now. I don’t know if doing the 7Day Fertility Challenge is the rightful thing now?
    Secondly, how do I get the Maca?

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