6 Best Ways to Boost Your Fertility for Conception

Based on recent statistics it has been found that of over 195,000 million Nigerian population 20 – 25% couples is said to suffer from infertility problems and childlessness.

Sadly here in Africa, women are perceived to be responsible for infertility problems and this has increasingly resulted to a lot them seeking treatments from the wrong places, and in the process damaging their reproductive organs.

If you are pressured and have long been battling childlessness for 2 – 10 years now, i encourage you to try these expert-proven and safe ways to boost your fertility for conception.


  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight:

For the purpose of conception and as a woman, you should aim at maintaining a healthy weight because being overweight/obese or underweight can result to ovulatory problems thereby resulting to infertility and difficulty in getting pregnant.

This happens because for a woman to conceive she certainly has to ovulate and release healthy eggs every month, in which if she’s either overweight or below the expected normal weight, pregnancy may not be achieved.

To ensure your weight is healthy for getting pregnant, you have to target your BMI (or body mass index also known as total body fat) to always fall within the ranges of 19 – 24 kg/m2 and also try to avoid fried and fatty foods containing hydrogenated fats, or foods with too much carbohydrate.


  1. Get Under the Sheets Regularly!

It takes two to tango, you are familiar with that term aren’t you?

To hasten conception it’s important you understand that it is not going to happen any other way than through sex.

I understand some would argue that they have been doing this yet nothing…

One time in our BabyMaking Clinic Abuja office, during a one-on-one consultation with a female client i shockingly realized that she has a bizarre disposition towards sex and admitted she doesn’t really enjoy it and each time she couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Unfortunately this was very tough for the husband, as i speak with you today the marriage is no longer in existence. 

The point here is that you have to make out time for consummate lovemaking with your partner for at least a maximum of 3 to 4 times weekly.

And if your husband is occupationally too busy or always travelling out of the country or offshore, my dear you have to sit with him and remind him the delicacy of your age as a woman and how it can affect fertility for conception.


  1. Minimize Pressure:

With tension mounting on you on failed attempts at conception including those coming from in-laws and extended family members over the issue of childlessness. If care is not taken overtime this can pool a lot of stress and compound your infertility problem.

Stress is a subtle cause of hormonal imbalance and anovulation (lack of ovulation) in women.

Scientists at the University of California Berkeley in the U.S found that when a person is stressed, a particular hormone known as “glucocorticoid” (cortisol) will be released into the circulation and stop the work of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone, a hormone that is responsible for initiating the process of ovulation in the female body leading to infertility.


  1. Cleanse Your Body System:

We live in an age where almost everybody is exposed to all kinds of harmful chemicals and toxins such as: fumes, pesticides, insecticides, bleaching cream, artificial sweeteners in food, aspartame, heavy metals and the rest of them.

All these are toxins, and find their way into the human body through common routes like: the skin, food, drinking water, lungs and endanger your reproductive health and fertility.

For a couple trying to conceive, this can create a cascade hormones balances and disrupt your entire endocrine system which normally helps to regulate and send out hormones at specific target sites where they are needed for reproductive action, and then unfortunately spirally into different fertility-related problems as outline below:

  • Delayed conception
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome/PCOS
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
  • Endometriosis
  • Hormonal imbalance (high prolactin)
  • Miscarriage
  • Male infertility etc.

NOTE: If you suspect you are having any of the fertility problems, then you need to see a qualified professional as soon as possible.


  1. Know Your Ovulation Period:

Ovulation is a period a woman is most fertile for conception. Being aware of your ovulation cycle is important for getting pregnant, it’s so important i wish there are more words to emphasize this.

Without knowing your ovulation, your efforts to conceive could become a chore. You need to invest some time and learn how this process works biologically.

Here’s how to go about it:

For a woman with a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, her ovulation day is normally on Day 14 counting from the first day she started seeing her menstrual period. For such woman, the ideal days to have intercourse are 5 – 6 days before her ovulation day, and not necessarily on the day she’s ovulating as the make sperm can survive up to 5 days inside a woman.

On the other hand, if you are not sure at all or your cycle is outside the normal 28-Day cycle, this doesn’t mean you are “abnormal”. If means you are different so what you should do is get a urine or saliva-ovulation test kits from a nearby pharmacy and track your ovulation, it’s that simple.


6. Take Fertility-Boosting Foods:

Fertility boosting foods are special organic and natural foods that have been known to boost fertility and increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Too bad, what many people are consuming nowadays are fast foods, processed foods; fried foods etc.

Not only are these foods unhealthy and lacks nutrients, but by the time you have consumed these kind of foods for many years, health related issues will start to manifest resulting to hormonal imbalances and inflammatory reactions in the body.

Poor diets are the main reason people are battling with difficult infertility problems.

To boost your fertility for conception here are the essential nutrients and minerals you need to start taking starting today as a woman preparing to get pregnant:

  • Ascorbate acid: Improves your hormones level, boosts fertility and prevents miscarriage.
  • Zinc: Prevents miscarriage, normalizes your estrogen and progesterone level; boosts fertility.
  • Vitamin D: For hormones production, boosts ovulation and balances your hormones.
  • Vitamin B12: Improves/boosts endometrial lining and decreases risks of miscarriage. 
  • Omega 3 fatty acid: Regulate hormones in the body, increases cervical mucous, promotes ovulation, improves quality of womb, increases blood flow to your reproductive organs.
  • Folic acid: Prevents preterm labour; poor baby growth, congenital heart disease, low birth weight, preclampsia (high bp in pregnancy) and neural tube defect.
  • Selenium: Boosts egg quality, prevents miscarriage and birth defects.
  • Fertility-boosting protein: The right protein to eat and not to eat for fertility
  • Co-Q10: Boosts egg quality, protects your egg from free radicals damage, protects your egg DNA, increases egg quantity, improves male fertility.

These are just the basics…

Would you like to know the Nigerian fertility-boosting foods where you can get all these nutrients and vitamins i just mentioned?

Don’t worry i have covered these in a Special Nigerian Fertility Boosting Diets challenge i prepared for women trying to conceive, which you will receive for straight 7 Days, all for FREE.

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Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert

Dr Gilbert Nnaji is a Medical Doctor, Fertility Therapist (UK) and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Over the Past 7 Years He Has Been Rendering Help to Couples with Fertility Problems to Become Pregnant Naturally without IVF or Surgery.

78 thoughts to “6 Best Ways to Boost Your Fertility for Conception”

  1. I really like all the information I got here, but if someone do miscarriage two times due to severe lower abdominal pain what could be the problem? Plz

    1. Thank you for reading Sarfatu

      Here are two things you need to do if you miscarried at first trimester: (1) Do fertility cleanse and (2) boost your progesterone hormone naturally.

      All the best

  2. Thanks for the information Doctor, how can a woman conceive if she doesn’t want to do uterine fibroid surgery of 6cm×5.5cm? Thank you!

  3. I suffer from annovulation ,i don’t produce quality egg, what can i do to start having quality egg, my cycle is never stable though i see it every month, sometimes 35days,40days 45,42,38 just like that .i really want to stabilize my cycle thereby getting quality egg. Pls help

      1. Good morning Dr, my cycle is never stable sometimes 28day, 29days and 30days just like that but I do menstate every month

  4. The scan result shows I have multiple fibroids in my womb with the biggest 5cmx5cm ,what can I used to shrink the fibroids?1 am 44yrs and have been trying to conceive for almost four years now after I lost my pregnancy at term 2015? i have taken many fertility drugs

  5. Quite encouraging, what of after surgery (fabriod) hard miscarriage after a yr but up till now nothing. What is the next step to take.

    1. I am glad it helped you Dija,

      It depends on the location of the fibroid and then you should boost your fertility too naturally to increase your chances of conception.

      Ensure you sign up for the 7 days fertility boosting diet program and go here too, to get our best fertility booster for women trying to conceive: http://www.mybabystory.co/bojoffer-2

  6. Thanks for this great information DR, please what are the causes of sperm coming out after sex, and painful breast “breast not nipples “

    1. Hello Desire, you are welcome

      There are multiple causes such as antisperm antibodies etc.
      for the painful, if its bringing out water then its hormonal imbalance otherwise see a nearby doctor for proper examination

  7. I have already placed an order, but I want to ask a question: I have not been seeing my menstruations for the past 4 years, can it still work for me, is it possible for me to know my ovulation period, can the 3-bundle of joy pack really work to solve the problem?

    1. Alright we will contact you before shipping it to your location. Yes it can work for you and very effective,
      and as for your ovulation period, not to worry we have an ovulation tool inside the bundle of joy program to help you calculate this.

    1. Mercy, yes but ovulation is actually not what you see with the naked eyes, what most women call ovulation (cervical mucus) is a sign of ovulation, there other signs ovulation however.

      If you are sure your cycle is 28 days then Day 14 if your ovulation, i encourage you to get a saliva or urine-ovulation test kit to monitor this.

      All the best!

    2. Mercy, yes… that discharge is a sign of impending ovulation and not ovulation itself.

      Ovulation is the release of a mature egg (ovum) only.

  8. Thanks for the lectures Doctor, I got married some four months ago and until now I’ve not been able to conceive despite making use of my ovulation periods. What could have been wrong Sir, Do I need to run any test to know what the problem is

    1. Layomi, although its too early to start getting worried however i encourage you to
      run some fertility tests like:

      -Pelvic scan
      -Hormonal assay (prolactin)
      -Sperm analysis (for husband)

      This will give you a picture of your overall fertility status than staying in the dark.

      All the best!

  9. Am having hormonal imbalance what is da solution. I have been place on cabergoline 0.5 for long I was send by ma gyn to go for city scan.tanks doc.

  10. Gus day Dr,what causes belighted ovum and after its evacuation the patient find it difficult to conceive and d mestral period is dark chocolate.

    1. Dear Bekky, for this problem i will advise you Cleanse your body (detox) system before TTC.

      You will be fine and conceive eventually, all the best

    2. Hello Bekky, sorry for your challenge… my best advice for you is that you do a fertility detox
      before ttcing again.

  11. Thank you doctor for that wonderful piece of work, I HV done multiples of test with my husband and it proves negative, many fertility boosters has been recommended for us but no signs yet. I keep track of my ovulation and we make sure we get in all time.

  12. Pls when taking the drugs ,what of your partner (husband) don’t you think he need to boost himself also by taking supplement (drug) Or there is no need?

  13. Good evening doctor.may god bless you for what you are doing.during my ovulation I barely see egg white cervical mucus.i have observed this cloudy sticky cervical mucus during my ovulation..can I get pregnant without the slippery egg white?

  14. Good morning doctor. May God bless u .during my ovulation I barely see egg white cervical mucus. I have observed this cloudy sticky cervical mucus during my ovulation…… Can I get pregnant without the slippery egg white.

  15. Azospermia (inactive sperm) was detected as the cause our infertility and we are recommended for IVF which i dont want to do. Pls want are other ways out.

    1. Hello Lady, first and important part is to boost the zero sperm count to adequate level, with this you
      can conceive naturally. All the best

  16. Pls doctor i saw so many comments. Me am not up to 40 yrs am just 29 yrs and my husband would be 41 april .i just got married September last year and we have been try to have baby no way .am i going to get the drugs or my husnand has fault i dont know

    1. Mrs Promise, though it depends on whose having the fertility challenge, the fertility booster is all-natural you could take
      it to boost your fertility and enhance conception, no side effects

  17. Doc pls I had a fibroids surgery last year Jan. 29th 2018 as of the last two months my menses has no be stable in January 2019 I saw it on 1st but February I saw it 8th after my period I have been feeling dizzy, feverish even waist ache pls what can I do or is the menses normal

    1. Dear Rita, first part see a doctor i am sure he/she has some explanations to do for you, no need to fret.

  18. Thank you doctor, i had miscarriage November last year, but uptill now i can’t get pregnant again . what might cause the delay

    1. Meme, commonly what causes miscarriages are chromosomal abnormalities and hormonal imbalance,
      i recommend you do a fertility detox and also balance your hormones naturally.

    1. Yes, the best approach is natural therapy, you can get the bundle of joy to treat this issue once and for all

  19. Doctor thank u for d information, but my own case is like double problem.Not menstruating again yet im not up to 35.Treated infection so many times frm diff ways yet not even sign of it coming forth then in this case how can i start talking of fertility booster when im not menstruating pls help me lm dam confuse

  20. Hello doc, trust all is well.i was on birth control pills a month before my wedding in July and I stopped by November,ever since then I noticed that my period has not been regular, it fluctuates btw 25-29 days and I really do not see a slippery sign of ovulation.could this be as a result of the pills effect, I always have ovulation cramp which is how I know I’m ovulating but with no mucus sign.

    1. Rebecca, birth control pills can throw your fertility hormones out of balance, this might take a while to
      restore otherwise you need to take natural hormones balancer to normalize your hormones.

  21. Dr Thanks for thé wounderful lecture, pls what are thé causes of still birth, At 30weeks every thing was okay.geting to hospital at 32week no fetal heart bit. pls more Light.

    1. Helen, sorry for your loss. Some factors can be responsible for this, its best you see your attending doctor for this explanation.

  22. Pls doc. I have series of abortion while in school, and now am 27 years i have been trying for 3 months now no signs of pregnacy. What could be the problems…..

  23. Please doctor I have been seeing my mensuration two times in a month since January of this year the first one comes up by 6-8 and the blood is always dark in colour while the second one comes up by 22-25 of the month please is it normal

  24. Doc. Thank you for the information, I’ve been married for 4yrs now without a child later around June Last yr I took in and lost it by Sept. Then I couldn’t see my period again until 3rd week of Nov. The problem now is that the period will come for 2days scanty, dark and painful.pls what could be the cause

  25. Good day Dr, I don’t see the slippery egg White during my ovulation and sperm pures out after sex even on my ovulation day. Is it normal?

    1. Georgenia, well if you mean sperm leakages other women can conceive with it regardless, as
      for your ovulation i recommend you boost it NATURALLY.

    1. Dear Gift, office address is 3rd Avenue gwarinpa, Road #322, Number 1 Corner Shop. Number to call: 09052538800

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