How My Condition Was Turned Into A Bundle of Joy By A New Fertility Booster Kit!



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My name is Patricia (Mrs Okon) and I am 35 years old. 


I used to be “Barren” for close to 7 years plus but God used a special man to answer my prayers, with a new bundle of joy fertility booster…

My story will be of interest to you whether or not you are an infertility patient. It is a story of the ups and downs of life, and the fact that as brilliant as nature is, it isn’t perfect.
I wasn’t brought up as a spoiled child, but I have had a great life, and that is not an exaggeration.

Although my parents didn’t have deep pockets, but always  tried to satisfy me with all what I wanted in life, they also buy things from my small cousins whenever they come around, this made me fall in love with kids!

I later discovered I LOVED kids so much and I could not wait to have mine as soon as possible!

“How I Met & Married the Most

Amazing Man in The World!


My life was going as planned, I was happy and exited, looking forward to when I will get pregnant and give birth to a baby boy or girl!
I studied hard, got perfect grades at school, passed out in flying colours then secured a mouth-watering first job.
As if that was not enough, I met and married the most wonderful man in the world who made me so happy than I imagined I could ever be.

He was a medical student when we met and our whirlwind romance led to the altar…

So we got married and expected to start a family as soon as we were more matured, better educated and financially stable.

After a while, I went back to school and obtained a Master’s degree. 

Not surprisingly, I got another fantastic job with an even bigger pay packet.

 My husband finished from medical school and was in his third year doing residency.

We Didn’t Know That Having A Baby Was Not That Easy…

Now we were finally ready to start a family. 

Remember I loved babies? 

So I wanted to have many as soon as possible.

But things didn’t turn out that way. Little did we know that having a baby was not something we would be able to plan.
A year passed I didn’t get pregnant.  


What Could be Wrong? 


Keep trying, everyone advised.

 It’s the anxiety, or the stress, or the weather.
 I heard all sorts of theories that did little or nothing to help.

“Another Year Passed, the Same Story!”

We consulted one specialist after another. I’ll never forget the day that we met with a fertility specialist who invited us for a chat.

That was how we got to know about Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja after visiting several other places and engaging in series of invasive and particularly painful diagnostic tests.

 It was at Nisa Premier that we learned we might probably never be able to have a baby on our own.

The specialist said it would be in our interest to try some less invasive treatments first but that at the end of the day, if we were to ever get pregnant, it would probably be through In-vitro Fertilization (IVF).


“Fear Gripped Me and I Almost Started Sweating…

The news of the diagnosis and its repercussions hit me hard. 

I wasn’t prepared for this kind of news, not at all. Although the air-conditioner was on in the room, but I was immediately drenched in my own sweat and could feel my dress sticking to my body.

I looked deeply into the doctor’s eyes, in the hope of finding an answer or at least an explanation for the damning diagnosis, but they only reflected my own dark fears and desperation.
I felt my husband’s hand gripping mine firmly and his touch brought me back to reality. My mind became active.
I began to think again.  


Why IVF?

Isn’t that the method for older people that can’t have children?

Is IVF not for women who wait too long while they’re busy pursuing their careers and then change their minds and realize they want to have children after all?


“I’m 35 for goodness sake!

My husband is 40″


Our life is just beginning…


We are not too old . We have done everything right!

This wasn’t supposed to be our fate. So many questions ran through my mind. What if IVF failed?

There were certainly no guarantees. Were we prepared to adopt? Could we live child-free?

More questions than answers. I returned to work after the appointment and somehow made it through the day.

I was still in shock. I went home at the end of the day, locked myself in the room and cried harder than I can remember ever crying.

I wept in the realization that I may never have a baby…..


I may never have someone to call me “mummy.”….


I may never see my husband as a “daddy.”


I was mourning for the life I was terrified I would never have.

How My 1st Ever IVF attempt Turned Out…

That year at the doctor’s office, i had to undergo series of laboratory tests, procedures and I was given some injections to make sure our bodies are ready, which I even listed below here….
  Blood tests
  Speculum examination
  Vaginal ultrasounds
  Sperm tests
  Other painful procedures
Of course later, these came back with unbearable symptoms and side effects like…
   Flu-like symptoms
   Weight gain and exhaustion etc
Month after month, I went through the same vicious cycle; the same physical symptoms and emotional roller coaster.
I would go through another painful round of procedures and tests, endured all of the side effects that go along with the hormones I was injected, and get my hopes up until I received the call from the nurses at the clinic with my pregnancy test results.
No, I was not pregnant.
The treatment failed yet again. Would I like to try again next month?  
The nurse asked me.
Yes, I guess I would. Hope it’s a powerful drug? And so we continued to try.

I Became More and More Depressed And

Stopped Going For Baby Showers…

The longer it went on, the more hopeless I became. The more depressed I became and the more I retreated into my own cocoon.
I distanced myself from most of my friends because most of them either had babies or were pregnant.
It was hard not to feel jealous.
I stopped going for baby celebrations.
I stopped going to church where there were babies and pregnant women everywhere.
Seeing babies was a painful reminder of the life I thought I may never have.
I started making up excuses as to why I couldn’t attend this event or that event—even places where I thought I might encounter the talk of babies or pregnancy were off limits.

“My Work Became A Route of Escape from all things

Fertility and Babies…

The mere mention of babies felt like a physical blow to the abdomen.
All the more so, hearing young mothers complain about their children’s behaviour, their lack of sleep, their inability to go out at night anymore, and so on, and so forth—was enough to make me want to scream.

I couldn’t stand hearing comments like: “You’re so lucky you don’t have kids, you still have your freedom.”

To me, these seemingly innocuous comments felt like the most cruel words anyone could ever utter and it took all my self-control not to burst into tears when I heard them.

So I avoided them altogether.

While I used to live for the weekends, I now couldn’t wait to get to the office on Monday morning.


Work was my escape from all things baby—a place where I could leave the world of infertility behind; where I was judged by my performance and not by my inability to procreate. 
How My Major Breakthrough Happened…

In July 2017 I tested positive for a pregnancy.
I thought it was a joke because we weren’t trying at the time at all.
I carried the pregnancy up to 10 weeks but, unfortunately I had a miscarriage.

Our hearts was filled with sadness and sorrow, but we moved on.

After the miscarriage we decided to see my GYNE, and he advised I do a progesterone test and ovulation tracking to know when i am ovulating.

I heard him explain to my husband that the lack of progesterone hormone which is also known hormonal imbalance frequently results to recurrent early miscarriages.

“Behold, I Became Again Pregnant for the Second Time”


This happened around September 2017, same last year.

I became pregnant the 2nd time as I noticed the feeling but this time it was a “blighted ovum” after I went to do a pelvic scan to confirm the pregnancy.

Then going to see my doctor, he explained this type of pregnant sometimes occur that nothing could be done and advised flushing it to prevent infection.

After agreeing with the flushing, we continued with our lives.

He also advised that I rest and come back after one month to take some hormonal injections and Clomid to boost my fertility.

I agreed to his instructions as usual but this time, i decided to follow my intuition and take my fertility in my own hands…

I had already taken like 6 cycles of Clomid and couldn’t tolerate the symptoms any more.

“How My Bitter Story Finally Changed”

In November 2017, I started looking for natural ways to conceive and I joined several groups on Facebook talking about pregnancy; fertility-boosting diets, fertility smoothies, healthy ways to boost your ovulation to conceive and then the Bundle of Joy therapy; that was exactly how God led me discover Dr. Gilbert whom used changed my life forever!


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How My Condition Was Turned Into A Bundle of Joy… [THE FINAL PART]


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After thoroughly going through the educative posts and teachings especially on fertility diets; ways to improve egg quality naturally; doing fertility cleansing and detox, boosting ovulation and preparing the body for pregnancy after miscarriage.

I felt in my heart that this is where my breakthrough would happen.

One time a Fertility Pack was recommended by Doc Gilbert which according to him will flush out harmful toxins in the womb and fallopian tubes; purify the reproductive system and also re-balances hormones naturally for conception.
I shared all these with my husband and we eventually decided to start working on our diet and changed to natural and organic foods such as carrots, cabbage, salads, fertility smoothies to improve our health.


How I Finally Conceived and Carried My Pregnancy to 7 Months!

In December 2017 I decided to purchase the “My Bundle of Joy kit” which was recommended to me by Doc Gilbert. 
I simply took the advice in good faith.
Most of all the success stories I read from women that became pregnant said they became pregnant few months after they had finished the natural fertility therapy that he recommended.

However in my own case it was just 6 weeks after I finished the one he recommend for me, and we were so happy!

Everything is going wonderfully well for us, my baby is healthy and strong, no spotting at all has been noticed right from day one.
We are so full of joy and can’t wait to carry our baby in our arms. He is moving and kicking a lot, life is wonderful!

“Today I am The Happiest  Woman on Earth!”

My colleagues and relatives who used to tease me have all suddenly stopped talking, and looking at me and want to know the secret to my new found happiness. 

Mrs Olamide, one of my colleagues at work that is trying to conceive even asked what I did and how it happened?


Too Many Questions All of a Sudden? 

I have regained my pride and dignity as a woman and soon to be mom.
My husband does not even want to me to touch anything or do anything that can put stress on my body;  buying gifts here and there just to spoil me and make me happy, lol.

We are 7 months gone already, and we can’t wait welcome and carry him.


“Finally a Dream Come True!”

I am now very careful what I eat and drink, my GYNE has advised me not to take coffee at all.

I have started taking prenatal multivitamins; folic acid, Vitamin C, vitamin B complex etc. and eating salads like my GYNE  advised me to be taking.

Recently I was chatting on phone with my colleague Olamide, and finally disclosed to her how I managed to order for the Bundle of Joy Package…


“Over 2,000 TTC Women Are Demanding For it!



Later I decided to order for just 10 packs, gave 2 packs to Olamide my colleague.
Then posted the packages on my Facebook wall to reach out to other women that might need it to re-balance their fertility hormones and detoxify their body for conception


It became a BIG buzz on my wall…..


All my TTC friends and relatives wanted to lay their hands on it too and it sold out fast! 

This was when I knew I had to do something fast to deliver to them so they too can have the opportunity to get pregnant!

So I connected the dealers with D-G Wellness LTD, a reputable health company so that the fertility therapy can be well distributed to people like you who have been waiting desperately.

The BEST part is D-G Wellness LTD is running a discount BONANZA offer to all readers of this article today.


“However, You Will Have to Hurry!”

You see over 10,000 Nigerians women and couples are reading this post today daily, so you can just imagine how much you will be missing if you don’t take action right now.

You’ll be saying goodbye to an opportunity to try this life changing Bundle of Joy therapy that can turn things around for you, just like it did for me after 6 long and sorrowful years…

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6 Best Ways to Boost Your Fertility for Conception

Based on recent statistics it has been found that of over 195,000 million Nigerian population 20 – 25% couples is said to suffer from infertility problems and childlessness.

Sadly here in Africa, women are perceived to be responsible for infertility problems and this has increasingly resulted to a lot them seeking treatments from the wrong places, and in the process damaging their reproductive organs.

If you are pressured and have long been battling childlessness for 2 – 10 years now, i encourage you to try these expert-proven and safe ways to boost your fertility for conception.


  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight:

For the purpose of conception and as a woman, you should aim at maintaining a healthy weight because being overweight/obese or underweight can result to ovulatory problems thereby resulting to infertility and difficulty in getting pregnant.

This happens because for a woman to conceive she certainly has to ovulate and release healthy eggs every month, in which if she’s either overweight or below the expected normal weight, pregnancy may not be achieved.

To ensure your weight is healthy for getting pregnant, you have to target your BMI (or body mass index also known as total body fat) to always fall within the ranges of 19 – 24 kg/m2 and also try to avoid fried and fatty foods containing hydrogenated fats, or foods with too much carbohydrate.


  1. Get Under the Sheets Regularly!

It takes two to tango, you are familiar with that term aren’t you?

To hasten conception it’s important you understand that it is not going to happen any other way than through sex.

I understand some would argue that they have been doing this yet nothing…

One time in our BabyMaking Clinic Abuja office, during a one-on-one consultation with a female client i shockingly realized that she has a bizarre disposition towards sex and admitted she doesn’t really enjoy it and each time she couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Unfortunately this was very tough for the husband, as i speak with you today the marriage is no longer in existence. 

The point here is that you have to make out time for consummate lovemaking with your partner for at least a maximum of 3 to 4 times weekly.

And if your husband is occupationally too busy or always travelling out of the country or offshore, my dear you have to sit with him and remind him the delicacy of your age as a woman and how it can affect fertility for conception.


  1. Minimize Pressure:

With tension mounting on you on failed attempts at conception including those coming from in-laws and extended family members over the issue of childlessness. If care is not taken overtime this can pool a lot of stress and compound your infertility problem.

Stress is a subtle cause of hormonal imbalance and anovulation (lack of ovulation) in women.

Scientists at the University of California Berkeley in the U.S found that when a person is stressed, a particular hormone known as “glucocorticoid” (cortisol) will be released into the circulation and stop the work of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone, a hormone that is responsible for initiating the process of ovulation in the female body leading to infertility.


  1. Cleanse Your Body System:

We live in an age where almost everybody is exposed to all kinds of harmful chemicals and toxins such as: fumes, pesticides, insecticides, bleaching cream, artificial sweeteners in food, aspartame, heavy metals and the rest of them.

All these are toxins, and find their way into the human body through common routes like: the skin, food, drinking water, lungs and endanger your reproductive health and fertility.

For a couple trying to conceive, this can create a cascade hormones balances and disrupt your entire endocrine system which normally helps to regulate and send out hormones at specific target sites where they are needed for reproductive action, and then unfortunately spirally into different fertility-related problems as outline below:

  • Delayed conception
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome/PCOS
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
  • Endometriosis
  • Hormonal imbalance (high prolactin)
  • Miscarriage
  • Male infertility etc.

NOTE: If you suspect you are having any of the fertility problems, then you need to see a qualified professional as soon as possible.


  1. Know Your Ovulation Period:

Ovulation is a period a woman is most fertile for conception. Being aware of your ovulation cycle is important for getting pregnant, it’s so important i wish there are more words to emphasize this.

Without knowing your ovulation, your efforts to conceive could become a chore. You need to invest some time and learn how this process works biologically.

Here’s how to go about it:

For a woman with a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, her ovulation day is normally on Day 14 counting from the first day she started seeing her menstrual period. For such woman, the ideal days to have intercourse are 5 – 6 days before her ovulation day, and not necessarily on the day she’s ovulating as the make sperm can survive up to 5 days inside a woman.

On the other hand, if you are not sure at all or your cycle is outside the normal 28-Day cycle, this doesn’t mean you are “abnormal”. If means you are different so what you should do is get a urine or saliva-ovulation test kits from a nearby pharmacy and track your ovulation, it’s that simple.


6. Take Fertility-Boosting Foods:

Fertility boosting foods are special organic and natural foods that have been known to boost fertility and increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Too bad, what many people are consuming nowadays are fast foods, processed foods; fried foods etc.

Not only are these foods unhealthy and lacks nutrients, but by the time you have consumed these kind of foods for many years, health related issues will start to manifest resulting to hormonal imbalances and inflammatory reactions in the body.

Poor diets are the main reason people are battling with difficult infertility problems.

To boost your fertility for conception here are the essential nutrients and minerals you need to start taking starting today as a woman preparing to get pregnant:

  • Ascorbate acid: Improves your hormones level, boosts fertility and prevents miscarriage.
  • Zinc: Prevents miscarriage, normalizes your estrogen and progesterone level; boosts fertility.
  • Vitamin D: For hormones production, boosts ovulation and balances your hormones.
  • Vitamin B12: Improves/boosts endometrial lining and decreases risks of miscarriage. 
  • Omega 3 fatty acid: Regulate hormones in the body, increases cervical mucous, promotes ovulation, improves quality of womb, increases blood flow to your reproductive organs.
  • Folic acid: Prevents preterm labour; poor baby growth, congenital heart disease, low birth weight, preclampsia (high bp in pregnancy) and neural tube defect.
  • Selenium: Boosts egg quality, prevents miscarriage and birth defects.
  • Fertility-boosting protein: The right protein to eat and not to eat for fertility
  • Co-Q10: Boosts egg quality, protects your egg from free radicals damage, protects your egg DNA, increases egg quantity, improves male fertility.

These are just the basics…

Would you like to know the Nigerian fertility-boosting foods where you can get all these nutrients and vitamins i just mentioned?

Don’t worry i have covered these in a Special Nigerian Fertility Boosting Diets challenge i prepared for women trying to conceive, which you will receive for straight 7 Days, all for FREE.

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Day #7 Fertility Diet Challenge [Sunday Menu]

DAY #7:

Morning:Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Snack: Take any snack of your choice

Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes plus cabbage and tomato salsa (2 tomatoes, 1 onions, small pepper and 2 tbs olive oil)

Snack: Any nuts of your choice

Lunch: 2 pieces of moin-moin and grilled fish

Snack: handful of nuts or raisin

Dinner: Love smoothie


Love Smoothie Recipe: 

2 medium beets

4 carrots

4 stalks celery

1 apple

1000 mg fertility Arginine



Cut all ingredients in bit sizes; blend until smooth and add 1000 mg of GN fertility boosting Arginine into the smoothie.

Drink chilled or serve as you like.

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Day #6 Fertility Diet Challenge [Saturday Menu]

DAY #6:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 moi moin with grilled fish or porridge beans with unripe plantain

Lunch: 3 medium sized grilled sweet potatoes plus vegetable and chicken stir fry

Snack: A handful of nuts or raisins

Dinner: Green smoothie 


Green smoothie recipe:

1 medium celery 

1 medium cucumber

1 handful of spinach

1 apple

A little slice of pineapple to taste

1000 mg GN fertility boosting Maca


How to/Direction: 

Chop up the vegetables in bit sizes and blend together with the apple until it become smooth and add 1000 mg of fertility Maca to the smoothie and take as you it as you like.

Are you adding GN Maca and Arginine fertility boosters to your diets?

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Day #5 Fertility Diet Challenge [Friday Menu]

DAY #5:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes plus cabbage and carrot stir fry

Snack: Any nuts of your choice

Lunch: Beans plus grilled fish or 1 piece of moin-moin and grilled fish

Snack: Handful of nuts or raisin

Dinner: Watermelon, cucumber, lettuce smoothie


Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie Recipe:

8 leaves of lettuce

1 cucumber

3 cups water melon

1 cup water

1000 mg L arginine superfood


How to/Direction:

Add all ingredients in a bowl, blend until become smooth then add 1000 mg of L-Arginine superfood.

The Watermelon Cucumber smoothie that provides fills you essential nutrients such as with vitamin K, Vitamin A, Folic acid, Iron and other special antioxidants. 


Day #4 Fertility Diet Challenge [Thursday Menu]

DAY #4

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: Western omelet (made from egg/egg white, 1 small pepper, 1 onion, seasoning and 1 tsp olive oil), eaten with 3 carrot sticks

Snack: Take any nuts of your choice

Lunch: Mini shawarma (made from small slice of whole wheat pita bread, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, skinless chicken breast strips or 1 hard boiled egg plus lettuce plus tomato sauce)

Snack: Fruits of your choice

Dinner: Avocado; carrot, apple Smoothie


Avocado Apple Smoothie Recipe:

2 Avocado

1 apple

2 carrots

1000 mg fertility Maca


How to/Direction:

Blend all ingredients until smooth, add 1000 mg maca to add to the smoothie and enjoy.

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Day #3 Fertility Diet Challenge [Wednesday Menu]

DAY #3:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 medium sized boiled unripe plantain plus sardine fish with tomato salsa sardine tomato salsa (1 tomato, 1 onion, 1 small pepper and tbs olive oil)

Snack: Fruit of your choice

Lunch: 2 moin moin and grilled fish

Snack: A handful of nuts 

Dinner: Apple, papaya, mango smoothie 


Apple Papaya Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup of mangoes

1/2 papaya

1000 mg fertility boosting GN Arginine 

1/2 cup water


How to/Direction:

Blend all ingredients until it becomes smooth.

Pour in 2 capsules of GN Arginine in the smoothie; chill in a refrigerator or take as you like.

Day #1 Fertility Diet Challenge [Monday Menu]

DAY #1:

Morning: Drink water with 1 or 2 slices lemon inside (for early morning detox)

Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes (nutrient-rich) plus cabbage and carrot stir fry 

Snack: Your choice, any fruits with some nut

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad or fish/skinless chicken pepper soup

Snack: A handful of nuts or raisins

Dinner: Banana, apple; Maca


Banana Apple smoothie Recipe:

2 banana

1 apple

1 bunch of parsley (optional)

1000 mg of GN fertility boosting maca


What you need to prepare smoothies:

  1. A blender
  2. A grater
  3. Glass jars/jug with a cover 
  4. A kitchen knife
  5. A chopping board


How to/Direction:

Get a blender and a jug; put and blend all ingredients until it becomes smooth; then pour in 2 capsules of GN fertility Maca in the smoothie; chill it in a refrigerator or take as you like whether chilled or not.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to drop it in the comments below…